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Seeking help getting into the business of doing good

by | Jul 22, 2016 | Business Formation & Planning

So, you’ve got a great idea for how to help people, and you can’t wait to snag a name, launch a business and start fundraising to support your efforts. We know it can be an exciting time, but we also think it’s important to slow down and ensure all the details are in order when slipping into a new nonprofit. While nonprofits are often businesses and have a lot of the same concerns that regular businesses do, they also have special concerns that are critical to ensuring success and lawful management of the endeavor.

Our business law attorneys have experience in dealing with a wide range of nonprofit considerations, and we can help you set a strong foundation to avoid common risks and problems as you begin your organization and grow. For example, when you form your nonprofit agency, you’ll need to draft certain types of documents that aren’t always necessary for a traditional business. You’ll also want to consider where conflicts of interest might be possible and how you can curtail those.

Bylaws are an important consideration for a nonprofit. These are documents that govern your organization as you move forward. Depending on how you structure your nonprofit, it’s not always easy to make changes to the bylaws, which means you need to consider both current and future needs when writing them.

Other things we can help your organization with include applying for grants, understanding planned giving and bequests and the legal aspects of fundraising. When nonprofits raise money, they often have to manage it in a very specific way, especially when they raised the money with a specific use in mind. Our firm helps you consider all the details to reduce risks and increase success for your agency.

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