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Protecting You From Insurance Bad Faith

When insurance companies sell you a policy, they are also giving you their word that they will uphold their end of the deal if the time comes. When you experience an event that requires you to make a claim, you expect them to pay you the benefits that you are entitled to receive under your policy.

At Wick & Trautwein, LLC, we have seen insurers fail to live up to these standards too many times. If an insurance company is denying your claims in bad faith, we will aggressively fight to ensure your rights are protected.

Conduct That Can Amount To Bad Faith

Insurance companies hope that you take their denial or rejection of your claims and move on. While it may seem like they are providing you with detailed information as to why they will not honor their agreements with you, some of this may be done in bad faith. There are many signs that an insurance company may be acting in bad faith. These signs include:

  • Delaying payments for an unreasonable amount of time
  • Wrongfully denying claims
  • Ignoring physicians’ opinions other than the physicians it pays
  • Lack of proper investigation into claims
  • Failing to advise clients on their rights within the contract, including mediation and arbitration
  • Failing to keep clients informed on significant developments in their cases

While our lawyers are skilled at negotiations and mediation, we are fully prepared to take your insurance provider to court if it will not cooperate fairly. If your insurer is wrongfully stopping you from obtaining the benefits of your policy, it is acting in bad faith and should be held accountable.

Let Our Team Help You Recover What You Are Owed

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