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Shared parenting time can be a positive outcome

by | Nov 23, 2019 | Uncategorized

Divorce is challenging on many levels, but some people seem to struggle the hardest with divvying up the parenting time. When you are used to living under the same roof with your children, it can indeed be jarring — at least initially — to adjust to life as a part-time parent.

But rather than focusing on what you are missing when the kids are spending time with your ex, let’s explore some of the positive things you can learn to embrace.

Well-deserved “me-time”

Even the most devoted parents can become overwhelmed and stressed out from dealing with their parenting responsibilities 24/7/365.

But being a divorced parent is not the same as being a single parent who is solely responsible for their child’s well-being. When your child is having parenting time with your ex, they are in good hands. Presumably, there are no red flags that would prevent your ex from properly caring for and supervising your son or daughter.

Therefore, this down-time is perfect for you to enjoy some me-time and recharge your parenting batteries. Get a massage, take up yoga, join a book club or enroll in a class simply for the joy of learning. Both you and your child will be better once the parenting time reverts back to you.

Exploring new relationships

No one should be in too much of a hurry to re-couple with another partner after a divorce. But also, there is no need to forgo intimate companionship for the rest of your life, either.

However, it’s not a good idea to expose your children to the partners you date unless and until the relationship becomes significant.

During the shared parenting time when the kids are with your ex, this is the perfect time to explore new relationships and have a little fun. This way, there is no need to be secretive with your kids and leave them with a sitter to go out on a date. Your dating (at least in the earliest stages) can be conducted while the children are with their other parent.

There are at least two ways to view any given situation — positively or negatively. You may discover that your perspective shifts favorably when you begin to embrace the positive side of your divorce.