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Here’s what to do when you’re in a car crash

by | Nov 26, 2018 | Car Accidents

Driving safely should be everyone’s priority. All it takes is a few seconds, and what was once a safe venture could become a serious collision. People who become distracted, who drive drunk or who are too tired all cause collisions that could otherwise be avoided.

When you’re hurt in a car crash, there are a few things you should do. To start with, you need to make sure you get the right information from the other driver (if you and they are in the position to exchange information). Then, you need to go to the hospital and make sure you get treatment, even if you don’t think you’re injured.

What should you do first after an accident?

The first thing that you should do is call 911. You want to get medical help on the way, even if you’re not obviously injured. The other driver or their passengers may need care, even if you and yours do not.

The next thing to do is to speak with the other driver. If they or their loved ones are hurt, you should do all you can to help until emergency care arrives. If you and the other driver are not injured and no one is badly hurt, then you can exchange information. You should obtain the driver’s:

  • Insurance policy number
  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Address
  • Driver’s license number
  • License plate number

If you can’t get all of these pieces of information, it’s best to get as much contact information as possible. This will help you, your attorney and the police get in touch in the future.

Next, you’ll speak with the police if you’re not going to the hospital immediately. If you are, then you will be transported to the hospital first to receive care. Typically, you’ll make a statement as soon as possible following an accident. When you do so, don’t indicate that you might have been at fault or that you played any part in causing the accident. Even a simple apology to the other party could seem like an admission of guilt.

Once you’ve done these things, you can reach out to your attorney and insurance company. You need to report the accident, so you can begin the process of making a claim. In just a short time, you’ll begin to receive medical bills and face other expenses for damage to your vehicle, so it’s best to start your claim as soon as you can.

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