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Living arrangements can secure child custody

by | Apr 13, 2018 | Child Custody

When you are filing for custody in the state of Colorado, it is important to make sure that you have done what you can to increase your chances of getting the result you seek. Whether you are filing for sole custody or for shared custody with the other parent, you will need to show not only that you are a competent and loving parent, but that you have an appropriate accommodation and environment for your child.

Having a suitable living accommodation can make all the difference in a child custody filing in Colorado. In ensuring that you have created a suitable living environment, there are certain factors that you should consider based on your specific situation. These factors are what the judges will use to make their decision. Therefore, it is important that you make these considerations ahead of time.

The child’s age and gender in relation to you

When the child is the opposite gender to you, the judge will likely state that the child needs to have one’s own private space, even from a relatively young age. In addition, an older child will require one’s own room or private space regardless of gender.

How many children live in the house

The amount of children that will be living in the house will effect what type of accommodation will be deemed appropriate by the judge. It is likely that a judge might not find it appropriate for four children to share a bedroom, for example.

The child’s personality, maturity and ability to adjust

The personality of the child will also be taken into account. If he or she easily adjust to new situations, it is likely that your kid will adapt well to shared custody. However, if your child is shy, anxious or thrives on routine, a different solution may be appropriate.

The child’s safety

The safety of all children will always be the first priority. If your house is considered unsafe in any way, it is likely that you will not gain custody.

If you are filing for custody of your child in Colorado, it is important to take action as soon a possible to achieve a successful result.

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