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Driving safely saves lives: Avoiding reckless behaviors

by | Feb 18, 2018 | Car Accidents

There’s no question that driving dangerously puts yourself and others in danger. Drivers who are reckless tend to cause accidents. They focus on their own needs and wants instead of following the traffic laws. They may weave in and out of traffic, text and look away from the road or be otherwise preoccupied.

Dangerous driving is a habit everyone needs to break. Getting behind the wheel and doing anything other than paying attention to the road and traffic laws is a risk you shouldn’t take. Here are a few things you can do to stay safer.

1. Put down your electronics

Put down your electronics if you want to get from A to B more safely. Texting takes your eyes and mind off the road. Listening to a radio may do the same if you’re changing the channel or adjusting the radio manually. Any kind of electronic device has a potential to distract you. Be safe and use these devices only when you’re parked.

2. Get enough rest

Remember to get enough sleep before you drive. Drivers who get too little sleep, which is considered six hours or less, are just as dangerous as drunk drivers. Most adults don’t get enough sleep, so aim for at least seven hours each night.

3. Avoiding taking passengers

Passengers can pose a risk to your safety because of their ability to distract you. Passengers aren’t always distracting, but those who are adults and who are persistently distraction should have a warning before being asking to find another ride. It’s not safe for you to be distracted while you’re driving. For other distractions, pull over and take a break until you can eliminate the distraction as much as possible.

These are a few ways to avoid collisions and help yourself become a better driver. Be cautious out there.