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Denver hospital sees influx of patients after blizzard strikes

by | Mar 25, 2016 | Car Accidents

Living in Colorado, you need to know how to drive in the elements. Sudden snowstorms and hazardous weather conditions can make usually-safe roads deadly. Drivers need to stay slow on the roads, and many people need to consider whether or not the weather is too bad to handle. If you’re hit by someone driving negligently, you’ll be in a position to make a claim against that driver, even if weather played a role.

Drivers who aren’t sure how to manage in these sudden changes in conditions can make the roads particularly dangerous. For instance, many people in Colorado have winter tires, chains or other gear to provide tread and to prevent slipping or sliding in bad weather. They drive slowly to avoid sliding, and when the weather is severe enough, they avoid driving completely unless necessary.

When drivers don’t take the weather seriously, accidents happen. That’s what the local hospitals have been dealing with, as the blizzard takes its toll. The University of Colorado Hospital has reported an increase in the number of car crash injuries since the storm began, putting a strain on the hospital’s services. According to a report from March 23, the hospital’s emergency department has been dealing with a large number of patients because of a blizzard in the Denver area.

The hospital spokesman reported that the patients coming in from car accidents were primarily those who wrecked in the hazardous conditions. Other local hospitals did not report the same influx of patients, but they are located outside the main district where the storm took place. There, they claim to have the same or similar numbers of patients coming in for assistance.

Source: The Denver Post, “University Colorado Hospital sees influx of blizzard car crash injuries,” Jesse Paul, March 23, 2016