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Car slams into school bus with children on board in Colorado

by | Apr 23, 2014 | Car Accidents

A terrifying accident left multiple people with injuries after a small white car plowed into the back of a school bus that had children on board. Of the nine students who were riding the bus, on their way to school just before seven in the morning, three of them were injured in the wreck. The accident also left two adults with injuries.

The most serious injuries were sustained by the 24-year-old driver of the car. Parents who heard the accident came out to the car, helped to get the young woman out and then covered her up with a blanket while waiting for the emergency crews to arrive. The driver of the bus was also injured, but not as severely.

The car was crushed under the back of the bus, the roof smashed in, with almost the entire body of the vehicle wedged below the bus.

Some children were interviewed after the accident. One said that it sounded like a shotgun firing when the vehicles collided. Another said that she had been running late and she had missed the bus. She told reporters that she was happy to have not been involved in the accident, but that she did feel bad about it because it prevented her from being there for everyone else.

The driver had to be airlifted from the scene of the accident. Her condition at last report was serious, but doctors also said that she was stable.

Whether injuries are serious or not after car accidents in Colorado, injured parties do have the ability to seek compensation. After all, they have a right to drive safely on the roads, and those who cause accidents are held responsible for the damage that they create.

Source:  7News Denver, “Poudre School District bus rear-ended in ‘serious crash’ in northern Larimer County” Phil Tenser, Apr. 18, 2014

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