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More injuries likely in poor-rated subcompacts

by | Jan 28, 2014 | Car Accidents

People across Colorado are both eco-conscious and want increased fuel economy in their vehicles. Many people have demanding increased fuel economy and more options in their vehicles over the past decade, and car manufacturers have taken note. In an effort to bring the fuel standards that both the Environmental Protection Agency and consumers are demanding, manufacturers have developed smaller, subcompact cars, with excellent fuel economy.

However, get into a car accident with a small subcompact vehicle, and many people might experience severe injuries. Recent crash tests of 12 subcompact cars revealed far from decent scores overall. Six of the cars tested scored the worst rating possible.

While car accidents can be either drivers fault, it might be important for people to consider safety of their vehicle before making a purchase. However, just because a person chooses fuel economy over safety in some aspects, doesn’t mean they should suffer if another driver’s negligence results in their injuries.

Although safety features are advancing in many vehicles, and some manufacturers are saying they will improve the safety of their subcompact cars, all drivers on the road share a responsibility in keeping the roads safe.

If someone suffers an injury because of a negligent driver in Colorado, they might want to seek the help of an attorney. They can work with the injured party to seek compensation, either from the insurance companies involved, the other driver, or even both. This will help pay for current and future medical expenses a person might have because of the accident.

Source: Denver Post, “12 subcompact cars were crash tested. None scored well.” Dee-Ann Durbin, Associated Press, Jan. 21, 2014