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‘5 to Drive’ goals are important for teen driver safety

by | Oct 25, 2013 | Car Accidents

If there’s one thing that scares parents of teen drivers to death, it is the specter of their child being involved in a horrific accident on a night (like prom night or a homecoming dance) that is supposed to be a memorable occasion. It is this fear that drives some parents to keep their children at home and host parties where they may allow them to consume alcohol.

Not only is this practice illegal, but it can send the wrong message to kids who are easily influenced by peers who may persuade them into making poor choices while behind the wheel. 

While parents may worry about their teens making good choices and driving safely, there are a number of initiatives that help parents maintain a dialogue so that kids will take safe driving skills wherever they go, and apply them no matter who is with them. One such program is that “5 to Drive” program. Through this, parents can talk with their kids about five important safety protocols that can help them avoid being a statistic.

Some of them are obvious (because they are prohibited by law), such as texting while driving and consuming alcohol before getting behind the wheel. Others are potential dangers that teens must be aware of (such as minding speed limits and avoiding additional passengers). The goal of the “5 to Drive” program is to help parents and teens agree on safety topics so there are clear expectations that must be met in order for a teen to drive.

Since teenage drivers are part of the highest risk group for accident fatalities, the “5 to Drive” goals are important points for all parents and teens to discuss.

Source:, NHTSA begins 5 to Drive program, October 22, 2013