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Denver Startup Week could be the next SXSWi?

by | Sep 25, 2013 | Business Formation & Planning

The second annual Denver Startup Week concluded on Saturday. Organizers previously predicted that it would be a success, as this year’s version appears to be a much larger gathering. According to a report, the meeting is the largest of its kind in the U.S., where businesses and entrepreneurs attended 125 sessions throughout the week. The event was geared towards bringing business people from a variety of industries (and sizes) to share ideas and develop competencies that would help their enterprises grow.

Nearly 5,000 people registered for the event, which was double the attendees to the inaugural startup week. The opening luncheon drew 725 people.

Why is this gathering so important? It goes beyond the “celebration of everything entrepreneurial” as described by the function’s organizers. It helps to plant the seeds to what can ultimately be viable additions to the Denver business community. When small business have an opportunity to interact with large enterprises, these meetings can lead to long-lasting and profitable relationships.

Also, the economic benefits are too great not to explore the possibilities. With more thriving businesses, job opportunities grow, which translates into increased commerce. Further, the city’s (and the state’s) tax revenue grows and ultimately the economy will benefit.

Organizers hope that the buzz created by the event will lead to it being Colorado’s version of the South By Southwest Initiative, held annually in Austin, Texas where presentations and panels focus on emerging trends in technology. Based on the attendance and support from corporate entities, it appears that Denver Startup Week is well on its way to doing so. 

Source:, Could Denver Startup Week eventually rival SXSWi festival, September 16, 2013