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How social media can impact your divorce

by | Sep 13, 2013 | High Asset Divorce

Getting divorced can be a difficult and emotional time in a person’s life. There are many factors to consider during divorce and with the ever-increasing presence of social media in our lives today, it is important for people getting divorced to understand how social media can impact their divorce.

More divorce cases in Texas are using evidence from social media during child custody and property and asset division negotiations. That is why individuals getting divorced need to be aware of what they post online and how it may harm their divorce case.

Individuals need to be careful about what they post online, including pictures, comments and links to other sites as it can all be used as evidence in the divorce. As social media plays a bigger role in divorce, many divorce attorneys are recommending that their clients adjust their privacy settings or even stop using social media during the divorce.

It is important for people to make their profiles private and be aware of who shared friends are because friends of your future ex may still be able to see what you post online and they may be quick to tell your spouse. It is also important for people to not discuss their divorce case online, including conversations with their attorney because it could be seen as waiving their client-attorney privilege.

Social media is a great tool for people to stay connected to their friends and family. However, during a divorce, it should not be used as a way to vent about your soon-to-be-ex or the divorce process. Individuals also need to be aware of what they post online as it could portray them in a negative way that could harm the outcome of their divorce.

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