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Navigating summer vacation, child custody after divorce

by | May 23, 2013 | Child Custody

One of the most exciting things in a child’s life is summer vacation. Even though this is a great time for having fun, the logistics of child custody and visitation during the summer can be tricky for divorced couples. However, by taking thoughtful steps during the divorce negotiations, Colorado couples can limit disputes and better ensure that their children enjoy their break.

Mapping out how each parent will be responsible for the time and costs associated with summer activities can be challenging. Between day care options, team sports and other outdoor activities, there is a lot of room for disagreement in terms of which parent is responsible for what.

For example, deciding the details of sending a kid to summer camp can be difficult — particularly for a newly divorced couple. In a state like Colorado, where spending time in the outdoors is highly valued, summer camp may be a big deal for both parents and children. In order to clear up any disputes, parents can outline the logistics associated with camp in their settlement. More specifically, an agreement can establish the amount of time a child spends at camp and how the associated costs will be handled.

Of course, parents might have differing ideas about participation in a major summer activity like camp, so disputes may need to be resolved. Namely, parents might disagree about the cost of camp or how much time they will get to spend with the child as the result of going away.

Knowing how emotions can become involved in custody-related disputes, parents may have to take steps to prevent or resolve disputes amicably. A family law professional can help individuals include provisions for custody and financial support during summer months or help parents understand their responsibilities under existing agreements. By taking these steps, children can have the positive summer experience they’ve come to anticipate.

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