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Parents in Fort Collins may need a child support modification

by | Jul 26, 2012 | Child Support

When your financial situation changes for the worse but you still owe child support, then a child support modification is in order. In Colorado, child support arrangements can be agreed upon by the parents before or during court, but it is up to the non-custodial parent to keep up with the scheduled payments. Otherwise, further litigation could follow, and that means more expenses.

Still, the monthly amount of each support payment can be changed if the payments result in financial hardship for the non-custodial parent.

A child support dispute involving a former NFL football star underscores the importance of making those payments on time. Terrell Owens, known also as T. O., missed a court hearing earlier this month regarding his failure to pay several months’ worth of child support for his 7-year-old daughter. After he missed that hearing, a judged threatened the 15-year NFL veteran with jail time if he failed to show up again.

This time around, Owens and the mother of his daughter reached an agreement before the second hearing, and they both signed that agreement in front of a judge. Owens paid the $20,000 in owed support, agreeing also to pay the mother’s legal fees.

This was the third time the mother sought child support payments from Owens. In the other two instances, he paid the owed amounts just before the cases were scheduled to be heard in court. However, each of those times, he subsequently failed to pay the $5,000 he owes each month.

Because he no longer receives an NFL salary, Owens suggested that the court modify his support payments. The mother of his daughter indicated that she was open to discussing that possibility.

If readers in the Fort Collins area want to learn more about child support modifications, they may benefit from visiting our Colorado family law site. Our firm handles situations similar to the one discussed here.

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