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Protecting Your Claims In Insurance Disputes

Insurance companies do not always live up to their obligation. In fact, some seem to measure success by limiting payouts to policyholders. At Wick & Trautwein, LLC, we understand the financial hardship of wrongfully denied or wrongfully delayed claims. We fight for the rightful benefits you expected from the beginning.

Negotiation Of Denied Claims

Our insurance law attorneys have a strong record of success in obtaining fair results for our clients who are having disputes with their insurance providers. With offices in Fort Collins and Windsor, we represent plaintiffs across northern Colorado and southern Wyoming in all types of insurance disputes:

  • Health insurance claims
  • Disability income claims
  • Flood plain coverage
  • Life insurance benefits
  • Fire loss/property damage
  • Auto accident/uninsured motorist

Experience On The Other Side

Our reputation as effective trial lawyers has been built in large part by defending select insurance companies in these very same types of claims. Our experience on both sides of the table gives our clients an important edge; we know the reasons insurers sometimes deny or minimize claims, how to interpret insurance policies and the tactics that may be used in litigation.

Our background in insurance defense, and civil litigation in general, enables us to confidently pursue fair compensation for you. We employ negotiation or arbitration, but we do not hesitate to take even the largest insurance company to court when our clients are the victims of bad faith denial of insurance claims.

How We Help

Insurance law attorneys Robin Wick and Blair Trautwein are veterans who aggressively challenge the reasons for improperly denied or delayed claims, and work to hold insurers and their agents accountable.

  • We review the records and consult with experts to prove medical necessity of the legitimate claim under policy provisions.
  • We have negotiated new settlements when clients received unfair initial compensation for serious injuries.
  • We have sued insurers who wrote policies that do not cover losses such as a $100,000 fire damage policy for a home valued at twice that much.
  • We challenge unfair policy exclusions such as the life insurance policy that denied coverage in a death caused by pollution from an oil refinery.

Contact Us Today To Learn More About Your Case

Call our firm today at 970-482-4011 or send us an email for a free initial consultation about your insurance dispute claims. Our lawyers are accessible to discuss your rights, answer questions, help you file appeals or represent you at trial.