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Protecting Your Disability Or Life Insurance Policy Rights

Insurance companies have a legal obligation to live up to the terms of the policies they sell. In some cases, however, they will try to evade that obligation — by paying out less than the claim is worth or even denying a covered claim altogether.

Wick & Trautwein, LLC, has extensive experience in cases involving the denial of disability and life insurance claims. We are aggressive advocates who understand the complexities of these cases and work with determination to get results for our clients.

Don’t be satisfied with your insurance company’s explanations about a denial of your claim. Only an experienced insurance claim lawyer can determine whether you have been treated fairly given the facts of your case, and the applicable policy and law.

A Point-By-Point Challenge

Our attorneys will carefully examine the language in your policy and compare it to the facts of your situation. If we believe your insurance company has unfairly denied a claim or made an unfair settlement offer, we will take action on your behalf, with your authorization. We challenge the insurance company’s assertions point-by-point in seeking the compensation you deserve.

Experience You Can Depend On

While expanding our personal injury and insurance dispute practice, our attorneys have continued to represent a few select insurance companies in cases involving denied benefits and denied life insurance claims. We understand policy language and how insurance companies interpret it. Our firm also appreciates the many complexities of ERISA appeals and litigation, an area of law that governs how many health, disability and life insurance claims must be handled.

Free Consultation With Our Experienced Legal Team

To talk to one of our lawyers about the specific options that are available to you, call 970-482-4011 or send us an email for your free consultation. From our offices in Fort Collins and Windsor, we represent clients throughout Northern Colorado and southern Wyoming.