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How Do Unbundled Legal Services Work?

In recent years, many people have decided to opt for more control over their legal proceedings. Instead of the more typical lawyer-client relationship, where the lawyer handles every step of your case from delivering documents to the court and managing deadlines to representing you in negotiations, many people are choosing to work with lawyers on an a la carte basis.

Our firm understands that this arrangement may be beneficial for you. To help you determine if an arrangement for unbundled legal services will suit your legal needs, we have listed some of the pros and cons of using them.

Using Unbundled Legal Services — The Positives

Unbundled services are a way to keep your legal costs low. For many families, especially those with a limited budget, calling in a lawyer only when absolutely needed works well. This arrangement can give you the flexibility to call in expert help when needed. like if you need to present before a judge or in mediation, and handle things you are comfortable with on your own.

This is especially useful for families who are on a tight budget or who have very familiar routine filings like routine custody updates with few changes.

Using Unbundled Legal Services — Things To Be Aware Of

The downside of using a la carte legal services is the same reason many people are attracted to them — you are in charge of your own legal future. This means you are the primary person responsible for:

  • Communications with other parties
  • Deadline and filing management
  • Directing all legal decisions

This means you may find yourself with many parts to juggle. You may find yourself ill equipped to manage a situation and not have a legal guide with you when decisions need to be made. Things like missing deadlines or failing to complete legal requirements are entirely on your plate.

Determining What Type And Level Of Family Law Services You Need

When you speak with our attorneys, one of our primary goals is to determine what is best for your specific situation. Every family needs something unique. We are here to help you in the way that will best suit your family. To discuss whether unbundled legal services are going to be the best option for you, feel free to talk to our attorneys. Call 970-482-4011 . You can also reach out to us by completing our contact form on this website.