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Keeping Your Child Safe

The court and you want what is best for your child. As much as we all want that to include time with all the people who love them, that just is not always the best way to protect them. There are all kinds of reasons that an emergency motion to restrict parenting time may be appropriate.

Courts only grant emergency motions if you can show that the child is in imminent physical, emotional or psychological danger. This may mean:

  • Evidence of violence, either against a member of the home or the child
  • Proof of suicidal ideation (suicidal thoughts) or other violent impulses
  • Drug or alcohol abuse, especially in front of the child

If one of these situations is relevant to you or you feel that your child is in danger during parenting time, you need to contact an attorney as soon as possible.

Why Getting An Emergency Motion Is Difficult And Why You Need A Lawyer

Even if you have problems co-parenting with your child’s other parent, the law provides them with rights. One of the most fundamental rights a parent has is to see their child. For the court to take your motion into consideration, there has to be substantial risk to your child. This means you need to have documentation, evidence and/or other outside facts and testimony to support your claim.

You love your child. If you believe them to be in danger, you are not able to be objective. You could not be and you should not be. But, rather than going to court and risking letting emotions take over your case, you need an attorney. As your lawyer, we can help you organize what is going on and make the strongest case possible for limiting parenting time during an emergency.

Do Not Wait. Call Our Office Today.

Colorado courts take emergency orders very seriously. When you find out something is wrong, you need to call an attorney right away so you can get evidence and begin to file. Your child’s safety is not worth the wait. Speak with our attorneys today by calling¬†970-482-4011 . We will get your case started quickly.