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Assisting With The Purchase Or Sale Of A Business

Buying a business can be the opportunity of a lifetime or the biggest mistake you ever make. When you are thinking about buying an existing business operation, it is important to obtain advice from an experienced and objective counselor.

The business law attorneys at Wick & Trautwein, LLC, have helped many buyers assess the legal, financial and business risks which come with the purchase of an existing operation. We provide specific services related to business purchases as well as on-going advice. Our firm also provides advice and services to business owners who wish to sell their companies.

Services For Buyers Of A Business

In any business purchase, there are generally dozens of issues, many of them critical, for a client to consider. Wick & Trautwein, LLC, can help the prospective buyer or buyers of a business navigate these crucial issues in evaluating and completing the deal. These issues include financing arrangements, valuation of business assets, the best ownership structure, negotiating a consulting contract with the current owner, personnel issues with existing employees, evaluation of the company’s supply contracts and many more.

Our goal will be to provide you with an objective assessment of the risks and opportunities of the deal — and the services you need to maximize your chances of success in your new venture.

Most business purchases also involve a significant real estate component, either a lease or the conveyance of a building and land. Wick & Trautwein, LLC, has extensive experience in commercial real estate matters and can help you identify key real estate issues in the proposed transaction along with addressing the other business components involved.

Services For Sellers Of A Business

For a seller, the deal must be structured in a way that protects your interests. There are many ways to do this, including owner-carry provisions, retaining ownership of the building and others. Our attorneys can help you identify the right buyer for your business and ways of structuring the deal so that it preserves value and your security interest. We can also help you draft the sale agreement, review a proposed consulting contract, and provide other advice and services.

You have devoted much of your life to building your business. Wick & Trautwein, LLC, will seek to protect the value of your financial interests while preserving the viability of the business as on-going concern.

Talk To Us About Your Business Law Questions

For a consultation about the purchase or sale of a business, call 970-482-4011 or send us an email. We provide such legal assistance in Fort Collins, Windsor, and other areas of northern Colorado and southern Wyoming.