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Creating a Business Contract: 3 Tips

by | Mar 5, 2018 | Business Formation & Planning

Starting a business is an exciting venture. You get the opportunity to create something from scratch. You create the feeling of the business from the ground up. You build a client base and have all the control.

When you’re interested in opening a business, one thing you should be familiar with is a business contract. It’s likely you’ll need to develop relationships with other businesses, so you need to take time to create a solid contract that holds you and the other party accountable for your actions.

When you’re writing a small business contract, there are a few tips you can follow. For instance, using plain language makes it easier to understand the contract, which is good for everyone involved.

1. Using plain language matters

Yes, there are some parts of contracts that may need specific legal terms, which is why it’s a good idea to work with an attorney. On the whole, however, writing a contract in plain English is better for both parties. That way, they both understand what is explicitly expected.

2. Include information on confidentiality

“Loose lips sink ships,” and that applies to business. You need to include a clause discussing what you can and cannot talk about with others. Put information in the contract about how you handle trade secrets and what you expect others to do with any information they get about your company. Binding others to secrecy when it comes to your trade secrets isn’t a bad idea, since it helps protect your business’s interests.

3. Make sure every party knows how to cancel or terminate the contract

It’s very important that you and anyone else in a contract know how to get out of that contract. The terms of your contract are important. What can the other party do to break the contract if he or she is dissatisfied? What can you do to break the contract if you don’t agree with the other party’s actions? Are there terms or requirements to staying in contact with one another? Make sure it’s all written out and easy to understand. Also include information on penalties for ending a contract if the other party wants to dissolve it without cause.

Contracts have many benefits if they’re drawn up correctly. Most people work with an attorney to make sure the contracts are understandable and legally binding. A good contract lasts, so it’s important to have one that addresses all the issues your business could come across and protects it from damages caused by others or breaches in the contract.