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Spinal cord injuries are sometimes difficult to spot

by | Dec 15, 2017 | Car Accidents

A car crash can lead to very serious injuries. One of these is the spinal cord injury, which can be life-impacting in ways that you might not realize. There are many things that you need to realize about spinal cord injuries if there are any signs that you might be suffering from one.

There are some cases in which injuries might not seem like a spinal cord injury when they are. This is because some spinal cord injuries are incomplete. These injuries can have some function and sensation below the level of the injury, which is what might lead to you thinking that all is well.

In some instances, a spinal cord injury isn’t as bad as what it seems initially. When you suffer from a spinal cord injury, the spinal cord releases toxins that can lead to cell death. The injury might lead to swelling and inflammation. Together, all of this can lead to spinal shock.

The good news for people who are dealing with spinal shock is that the situation usually abates over time with proper care. As the shock’s impacts are reduced, you will likely regain function and feeling below the injury. While all of this might not mean a full recovery, you will likely notice some positive improvements.

In all car crashes that are caused by another party, the victims might choose to seek compensation for the damages that occur. This can help to reduce the financial impact of the injury while potentially providing the person with a way to get the treatments that could help them to thrive.

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