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by | Oct 7, 2016 | Business Litigation

Businesses and business owners can face all types of frightening legal issues. Business litigation can be stressful because the outcome often impacts whether the business can remain successful, and even the existence of a lawsuit can be bad for brand efficacy. During a lawsuit, you have to manage both the legal issues and the public relations matters, and there’s just no way one person can handle everything on his or her own.

That’s why our firm works to provide you with experienced legal assistance and guidance during litigation matters. One type of business litigation that you might need help with involves employment law. If one of your employees is suing you or threatening to sue you for any reason, the outcome and publicity could be very bad for your brand. Often, customers will lose trust in a company if they believe the business’s own employees don’t trust it.

We can work with you to evaluate your case from a variety of perspectives and provide feedback and information so you can make the best possible choice regarding your options. Sometimes, it might be better to settle; other times, fighting a lawsuit in court makes more sense for your company.

Whatever you end up choosing, we work with you to increase the chance of overall success. Our experienced legal professionals gather evidence, interview witnesses and help you ensure you are compliant with state and federal laws. Whether an employee is claiming discrimination, sexual harassment or unfair pay or work practices, we can help you protect your business and your brand in the court of law — or keep the case out of the courts if that would be more beneficial.

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