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Top cause of fatal motor vehicle accidents in Colorado

by | Aug 26, 2016 | Car Accidents

According to statistics published by Business Insider, Colorado is one of six states where careless or reckless driving was noted as the top cause of fatal road accidents. Careless or reckless driving can often cover other types of causes, such as speeding. Driving a certain amount over the speed limit is usually denoted as reckless driving. Certain lane switching behaviors and failure to accommodate for road and weather conditions could also be reckless depending on how severe the behavior is.

The report also measured states against each other to find out which five states had the most fatal accidents related to each cause category. With regard to careless driving, Colorado came in fifth in the nation for the number of fatalities related to that behavior.

Colorado was also ranked in the top five for fatalities related to road rage — it came in fourth. The state didn’t make the top five for fatality numbers related to behaviors such as failure to keep in the proper lane, police pursuit or failure to yield. When it came to fatalities related to drunk driving or speeding incidents, Colorado fell in the middle range for the nation.

The report looked at weather causes for fatal accidents, and it’s probably not surprising that snow was the major culprit in Colorado. The mountainous part of the state probably contributes a large percent of those statistics. When sleet and crosswinds were compared, though, crosswinds were associated with more fatal accidents in the state.

While it’s good to know what common accident causes might be, anyone can be injured in a road accident. If you experience such an injury and the accident is due to the fault or negligence of someone else, then consider speaking with a lawyer regarding a compensation claim.

Source: Business Insider, “This map shows what causes the most fatal car crashes in each US state,” Matthew Speiser, accessed Aug. 26, 2016