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What are some resources for women starting businesses?

by | Feb 19, 2016 | Business Formation & Planning

Did you know that state and national resources are available to new business owners? The Small Business Administration, as well as organizations such as SCORE, offer advice and help with business planning, formation and finance. Some of these organizations offer additional help to minorities, veterans or women who are starting businesses.

The Small Business Association publishes a number of resources for women who want to launch a business. The SBA even has an office dedicated to the cause called the Office of Women’s Business Ownership. Women can contact the office for assistance with a variety of matters, or just to get some basic advice about launching a business.

Being a women starting a business means some extra access to financial resources. The SBA highlights loan programs that give preference to women, but you might also be able to take advantage of grants designed for women owning businesses. In some cases, there could be a tax advantage.

The SBA also has a Women-Owned Federal Contracting Program. This helps women who are starting or running businesses to land government contracts, which can be especially lucrative and help grow a fledgling company.

In addition to online training and support from the SBA, women can access assistance from a number of organizations. The SBA provides links to organizations in a variety of niches, including construction and real estate, that specialize in helping women start and run businesses. You might also want to consider joining organizations such as the U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce or Association of Women’s Business Centers.

Even with back up from the SBA and other organizations, it can be difficult to know which business formation decisions are right for you. Whether you are a women starting her own business or any type of entrepreneur looking to launch a new idea, consider working with a legal professional to ensure details are correct and reduce legal issues for your company in the future.

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