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2 killed in Colorado accident caused by alleged drunk driver

by | Jan 27, 2016 | Car Accidents

Dangerous drivers are on the roads all the time; some drink and drive, some text and drive and others simply aren’t paying attention. Anyone who drives negligently can be held accountable by you and your attorney if you’re hurt by his or her actions. The same is true if you lose a loved one in a collision with a negligent driver.

The families of these men may be considering their options following this horrible collision. A Pontiac Vibe was waiting at a red light when it was struck by a black SUV. The SUV, which had been traveling between 70 to 80 mph, struck the Vibe, leaving it crushed and nearly unrecognizable. According to the police, the driver, a 55-year-old man, was taken to the hospital and supervised. Police believe he may have been driving while intoxicated.

Just a few minutes before he was in the crash, the man had been slumped over the wheel of his SUV. He had been parked in a parking lot, but upon waking, it’s suspected that he began to drive despite his intoxication.

Two people were inside the Pontiac Vibe; both were killed. Both men, 43 and 29 respectively, were local musicians and were well known in the area and online. Besides these men, two other vehicles of people were impacted by the crash. Five others were treated at the hospital, with four being released and another in fair condition.

The driver of the vehicle that ran the red light is still hospitalized. Although drunk driving is suspected, police are not ruling out the possibility that it was a medical condition that caused the crash.

Source: FOX 31, “Driver accused in crash that killed two on Colorado Boulevard faces DUI investigation,” Ashley Michels, Jan. 06, 2016

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