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The resolution of Colorado car accident claims

by | Jan 21, 2015 | Car Accidents

Some drivers involved in Larimer County traffic crashes never challenge the judgments of insurers. You assume insurance companies will do the right thing by covering medical expenses for injuries and other damages caused by a car accident. Some accident victims and their families are shocked to learn otherwise.

It’s easy to forget profits drive Colorado insurance companies, just as they do other businesses. Consequently, insurers are invested in keeping payouts to a minimum. It is sometimes necessary to dispute an insurer’s claim when a crash victim is denied coverage he or she deserves.

An injured party has the right to file a civil lawsuit for damages caused by one or more negligent defendants. A defendant may be a person or an entity with a direct or indirect connection to an accidental injury, like the employer of at-fault driver. The party or plaintiff making the claim must show an injury was linked to a defendant’s careless, reckless or intentional actions.

Disagreements about accident claims need not escalate into courtroom contests. In fact, most disputes with insurers and others are resolved through settlements. The parties and their legal representatives work out an agreement through negotiations, mediation or arbitration.

State laws dictate rules attached to personal injury claims. The window of opportunity to file a liability claim is not open forever. In Colorado, the so-called statute of limitations for a motor vehicle-related lawsuit is three years from the date of injury.

In addition, a claim must be valid and worthy to pursue to be successful in court. The basis of every injury claim is fault, which sometimes is shared among defendants or between a defendant and a plaintiff. A claim evaluation is necessary to determine whether defendant blame and evidence of fault are clear and provable.

The compensation an accident victim receives should cover injuries caused by a negligent party, no matter how extensive the damages.

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