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Colorado police car smashed between 2 trucks

by | Nov 21, 2014 | Car Accidents

The recent snows have made the roads dangerous in Colorado, and photos of a police car that was crushed between a pair of semi-trucks show that car covered in snow. The officer who was driving it, a member of the Colorado State Police Department, is currently recovering from injuries that were suffered.

The crash happened near Vail, Colorado, home of world-famous skiing runs. The whole incident started with a dump truck out on Interstate 70. The road was slick, as roads were in many places, and the truck went out of control for a moment. It rammed into a wall.

The officer saw the truck, flipped on his emergency flashers, and pulled up to the crash site. He was trying to get traffic to slow down so that the one crash did not become a chain reaction. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened.

An 18-wheeler was coming up the Interstate behind the police car, and the driver could not slow down or stop fast enough to avoid a collision. Instead, the semi slammed into the rear end of the police car and drove it forward into the stopped dump truck.

The officer should recover in time, seeing as how reports indicate that the injuries he suffered are minor.

Police are cautioning people to slow down if they see hard-packed snow or ice on the roads. A spokesperson also said that drivers need to move over into another lane when they see any types of emergency vehicles.

Even those who suffer from minor injuries in car accidents must fully understand what rights they have to compensation for the bills that go along with those injuries.

Source: 9 News, “CSP trooper recovering after I-70 crash” Matt Renoux, Nov. 11, 2014

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