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Crash in Colorado claims life of motorcyclist

by | Sep 26, 2014 | Car Accidents

A motorcyclist in Colorado was killed recently when the bike that he was riding collided with a pickup truck. There were two people in the truck at the time of the crash, but reports show that they were not hurt. As of now, the police are not sure who caused the accident, but the investigation is ongoing.

The motorcyclist passed away at the scene of the wreck.

Photos from the crash site show the bike lying in the road, the handlebars twisted to the side and a large dent in the side of the bike. The headlights appear to be smashed out, as do the lights on the back. Various small parts are scattered across the intersection.

The accident happened at the intersection where Niwot Road and U.S. 287 come together. That puts the wreck in Boulder County. According to the reports from the Colorado State Police, the crash happened just after seven in the morning.

Despite the fact that it was rush hour, the police were forced to close down Niwot Road while they cleaned up the site and did their investigation. While part of U.S. 287 could be left open, it was partially closed as well.

When accidents lead to catastrophic injuries or death, it is important for the family members of those who have been injured or killed to know their rights. They should also keep an eye on the police investigation since the decision of who was at fault in the crash can really impact what rights they have to compensation.

Source: Daily Camera, “Motorcyclist killed in crash with pickup truck at U.S. 287 and Niwot Road” Mitchell Byars, Sep. 22, 2014

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