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Coordinator asks for education for drivers to protect cyclists

by | Aug 10, 2014 | Car Accidents

Whether your accident happened due to a driver passing through a red light or simply speeding through the area, you know that they shouldn’t have been and that you deserve to receive compensation for your pain and suffering. Have you considered seeking out information on what’s being done to prevent these types of accidents in the future? You might be able to help move legislation along. For instance, this man in Colorado is focusing on ways to prevent bicycle-car accidents from taking place, helping more people stay safe on the roads.

A story from Aug. 4 reports that the safe cycling coordinator at the Bike Co-op has been taking part in meetings with educational driving instructors and driver education groups in Fort Collins. He’s been trying to reach the groups to discuss how to make driver’s education friendlier to bicyclists. He discussed how he tried to sensitize the instructors to the needs of cyclists and their right to be on the roads as well as the rules of the road for cyclists.

Why take this step? Bike-car crashes take place in the state, and education is believed to be the key to reducing these crashes. For instance, a recent crash involved a 17-year-old girl who ran a red light and struck a cyclist head-on. He was critically injured.

The coordinator is working to start a Bike Safety program for young people. He suggests programs should start as soon as preschool and extend through high school. Extensive bicycle training, he suggests, would be helpful as the children and teens would turn into more responsible auto drivers with a respect for pedestrians and drivers.

Source: The Coloradoan, “Price: For safer bicycle town, focus on youth education” Rick Price, Aug. 04, 2014