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Entrepreneur bed-and-breakfast a sign of business formation rates

by | Jun 25, 2014 | Business Formation & Planning

How often do you find yourself staring awkwardly across the table at other guests sharing your space at a bed and breakfast? Many Colorado entrepreneurs have had this experience, which is why one Fort Collins family has introduced an entirely new way for business travelers to connect. The couple has launched a “beta version” of their lodging concept known as Launch Haus Manor. Now, business travelers who are interested in business formation and other aspects of business law can stay in the same house as people with similar interests.

The lodging opportunity strives to help those who are involved in startup business formation by giving them a place to both network and lay their head. Although this may seem like a strange option — the proprietors are listing their three-bedroom home as the initial Launch Haus — it appears that city code has not yet caught up with restrictions that would prevent homeowners from renting out their extra rooms by the night. Short-term rentals are not closely regulated because the laws in Fort Collins have not changed to address this growing trend.

The Launch Haus is just one of scores of indicators showing that Fort Collins has the second-highest density of tech startups in the nation. Only Boulder eclipses Fort Collins in the concentration of young technology companies. As more business professionals travel to these areas to support those ventures, a growing need has emerged for appropriate lodging options.

Fort Collins and Boulder are leading the charge in launching Colorado into the stratosphere of tech innovation and development. Area entrepreneurs have never been so supported in their business formation endeavors. However, these business owners must consider all of the legal aspects of business formation, especially for their tech start-up company. Put in the time to make sure that your business is properly established — legally and financially — and you, too, can join the growing ranks of Colorado tech successes.

Source: The Coloradoan, “Fort Collins couple plans entrepreneur hotel” Adrian D. Garcia, Jun. 22, 2014

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