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Officer hurt when patrol car in Colorado is rear-ended

by | May 9, 2014 | Car Accidents

An officer was hurt on Colorado 86 when his patrol car was violently rear-ended by an SUV. The crash took place at about 7:45 on a Friday morning, according to a statement that was released by the police department on Twitter.

The injuries to the officer were not significant, but the responders wanted to be cautious, so he was taken to the hospital to be examined. The full extent of the injuries has not been released.

The accident allegedly came about because the driver, who was behind the wheel of a Hummer, was distracted in some fashion. The police car was waiting at a stop light, still in traffic. Before the light could turn and the car could drive through it, the Hummer came up behind the squad car and rammed into the back of it, crumpling the back end.

The impact also shoved the patrol car forward into another SUV that was waiting in front of it at the traffic light. The driver of that SUV was not hurt.

The driver of the Hummer got a citation that related to careless driving, and the police believe, due to the extent of the investigation so far, that he had never pushed down on the brakes before crashing into the car.

Even a low-speed car accident can result in injuries that require medical care, transportation or at least an evaluation at a medical center. These things are not free, and the at-fault driver can sometimes be held responsible for the injuries caused in a monetary fashion. This is even true if extensive treatment does not end up being needed, so those who suffer minor injuries still need to be aware of their legal rights.

Source: The Denver Post, “State patrol car rear-ended by Hummer in Castle Rock; trooper hurt” Kieran Nicholson, May. 02, 2014

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