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More than 100 cars involved in giant I-25 crash

by | Mar 4, 2014 | Car Accidents

Motorists in Denver were involved in a massive pile up that occurred on I-25 between Logan Street and University Boulevard. According to a Denver Post report, more than 100 vehicles were involved in the crash that shut down the northbound lanes of the interstate for more than four hours. Also, traffic was at a standstill for more than a mile leading up to the initial crash site.

Authorities are still investigating the accident to determine the actual cause, but many drivers speculate that the slick conditions (and driver error) contributed to the accident. The calamity occurred as a fast-moving band of snow blanketed the area. 

One driver explained to the media that people were simply driving too fast for the conditions, and that when brake lights started coming on, people just were not stopping. His recollection could suggest that drivers were sliding on snow or black ice, as they lost control and slid into other vehicles. In all, 30 people were taken to local hospitals, and one woman was killed in the crash.

In what has become a recurring theme this winter, drivers must use additional caution when driving in inclement weather. Indeed, drivers have a duty to use reasonable care while behind the wheel (i.e. not following too closely, driving at safe speeds, limiting distractions), but this duty is especially important when road conditions deteriorate. If a driver fails to do so, and such a failure leads to a crash, he or she could be held liable for ensuing injuries. 

Source: Denver Post “I-25 pileup: 104 vehicles involved, 1 killed, 30 hospitalized after snowy disaster,” Kirk Mitchell and Alison Noon, Mar. 1, 2014

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