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Arsenio Hall uninjured after accident

by | Dec 26, 2013 | Car Accidents

Drivers during the holiday season must deal with a host of hazards. Between aggressive drivers intent on returning gifts as quickly as possible, and drunk drivers who insist that they are okay to drive, drivers must be vigilant in protecting themselves. However, there are instances when a driver loses control and may crash without contact (or influence) from any other driver.

Such may have been the case with Arsenio Hall. The late night talk show host (who recently returned to the small screen) was involved in a single car accident on Christmas Eve. According to the Los Angeles Police Department, Hall was found with his car on the side of the road. 

Police also indicated that no alcohol or drugs played a part in the crash, and that Hall was very cooperative in providing information about the crash. Normally, an investigation into the crash would follow, but it may not occur since there was no police report issued.

 Nevertheless, crash investigations could have legal implications because they may shed light on who (or what ) may have caused the accident. If the accident was caused by an automotive defect, chances are that the automaker could be held liable. If the crash was caused largely by driver error (either through excessive speed, distracted driving or drunk driving) the driver is held to be at fault.

In the meantime, drivers can stay safe by adhering to recall notices that automakers may issue from time to time. After all, automakers have a duty to take reasonable steps to address defects that can put consumers at unreasonable risk of harm.

Source: LA, “Arsenio Hall drives off side of road; is uninjured,” Ari Bloomekatz, December 24, 2013

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