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IBM and Bridgestone tussle over $600 million lawsuit

by | Dec 2, 2013 | Business Litigation

On Oct. 29, Bridgestone Tires filed suit against IBM in a battle sure to make business headlines for months. Most recently, IBM has defended itself, calling into question Bridgestone’s business practices and insisting their own systems were working properly. Colorado businesses will want to keep a close eye on this active national case, as IBM spokespersons have come out swinging.

IBM has lashed out at Bridgestone, citing Bridgestone’s poor leadership in both the executive seat of the company and in the technology sector. Specifically, IBM points to Bridgestone’s record of replacing their chief information officer six times in two years. Bridgestone claims that IBM’s computer system, which was used to manage and fulfill orders, failed. For these perceived failures, Bridgestone is suing IBM for $600 million.

IBM insists the failures are on the side of Bridgestone. Beyond the many changes in CIO, IBM purports that they were called in to fix an already faulty system, that Bridgestone refused to conduct adequate testing, that IBM suggested pushing back the release date, and that IBM offered to fix the system if Bridgestone would agree to absolve IBM of responsibility. Meanwhile, Bridgestone claims that the system threw the company into chaos.

Buisinesses often must work with others to provide specialized services, including systems design. In these situations, both sides have responsibilities to ensure the smooth and proper implementation of the system. When one company does not fulfil their obligations or other business disputes, a corporate attorney can provide the advice and counsel necessary to protect your business interests.

Source: Business Insider , “IBM Rips Into Bridgestone Over $600 Million Lawsuit “, Julie Bort, November 20, 2013

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