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State seeking child support payments from sperm donor

by | Jan 11, 2013 | Child Support

Courts often become involved in a child support dispute when a determination must be made in the best interests of the child. Child support guidelines vary from state to state but are commonly set to ensure that a child has the financial support needed to ensure a healthy and happy future. Those seeking to make changes to existing child support arrangements or create new ones should seek to understand how family law affects their cases. Others may be facing seemingly erroneous claims for child support payments and need to know how such laws affect them.

Regular readers in our Fort Collins, Colorado, area may be interested in a developing story regarding child support and sperm donation in another state. A 46-year-old man is facing a state claim for child support for a 3-year-old girl who was born via artificial insemination performed at the home of a lesbian couple.

The man answered an online ad for a sperm donor, but officials in Kansas, where the case originated, have stated that since a doctor was not used for the insemination, the man may be held liable for support. The woman reportedly performed the insemination themselves. The state routinely seeks to determine paternity when a parent seeks public assistance benefits for a child.

Understanding how current family law affects a specific case is the first step toward reaching an amenable arrangement for child support with the state. Those who believe they are subject to erroneous claims should strive to learn all they can about their options under the law.

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