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April 2015 Archives

Denver commercial real estate on the rise in improving economy

In Colorado and across the country, it's a great sign when you see your local economy picking back up. With the past few years being difficult due to a recession in the United States, the good news is that many states are on the mend, and businesses are again starting to thrive.

How many drivers lack insurance?

Naturally, it can be a bit hard to track how many drivers do not have insurance, as they don't report driving illegally. However, statistics from 2009 can give a ballpark figure that most people assume can be extrapolated out to today's highways at roughly the same rate. The actually study was done in 2011, looking at the full stats from two years before, and it was carried out by the Insurance Research Council.

The role of negligence in Colorado car crashes

Most personal injury cases result from car accidents, which probably does not come as a surprise at all, considering how many crashes there are every year. For example, in 2012, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration stated that there were over 5.6 million crashes that were reported to the police. That's taking into account the entire country, but it still shows you how common these accidents are in Colorado.

Colorado ranks in the top 10 states for uninsured motorists

Car insurance is required for all drivers in Colorado, but there will always be those who think they can skirt the law and drive without insurance. They hope that they won't get caught. If a driver is pulled over and can't present proof of insurance, there may be fines or a license suspension, but if an uninsured or underinsured driver causes a car accident, the consequences are much more far-reaching.

6-year-old thrown from vehicle in Colorado car accident

A car accident that happens due to a person's negligence can have a lasting impact on the victims. In many cases, families and friends travel together, so injuries and deaths can be incredibly traumatizing to those in the collision. While there aren't many ways to reduce the time it takes to heal or to grieve following an accident, civil litigation has been created to help victims seek compensation that can help them financially during a traumatic time.

The complexities of commercial property issues

If you're renting commercial property in Colorado, you could potentially be in a very complex situation if a dispute arises. On one hand, you don't own the property, so the owner has specific rights that must be respected. On the other, you are paying to rent the space, so the owner cannot abuse your rights simply because he or she owns the deed to that property. You do have specific rights, even as a renter, that have to be respected.

1 man seriously hurt in pedestrian accident in Colorado

As a pedestrian, you have certain rights when you're near roadways, like being able to cross when the crosswalk lights say it's appropriate or having the right of way when you're in a crosswalk. Drivers should be looking for you and be sure they allow you to cross at crosswalks and intersections. Drivers shouldn't speed, so they can see people who are crossing the road ahead of them. Most of all, both you and drivers on the road should be respectful of one another to prevent accidents.

What is a material breach of contract?

A promise that isn't kept can cause more than disappointment for a Larimer County business. Let's say you own a company that manufactures model airplanes. The wing supplier consistently delivers on time, but the engine supplier repeatedly makes excuses for late shipments, costing you money and damaging your reputation with distributors and retailers.

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