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Many employees receive a basket of benefits as part of their employment package. These benefits can include health care coverage, disability insurance, life insurance, the ability to participate in a pension or 401(k) plan and others. A body of law called ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974) governs an employee's rights regarding the provision and termination of these benefits.

Some employers and their insurance companies improperly deny people the benefits they were promised. If you have been terminated from health insurance coverage or have been denied benefits you deserve, you can challenge this action and seek compensation or reinstatement of benefits.

Contact Wick & Trautwein, LLC for a consultation about your case. An attorney at our firm can review your situation and discuss what our firm might be able to do in order to obtain the benefits you deserve under the law.

Experienced ERISA Attorneys

At Wick & Trautwein, LLC, we have experience in ERISA cases involving denial of health care coverage, disability and life insurance claims. We understand the complex aspects of ERISA laws and how to best overcome insurance companies' assertions regarding the denial and termination of employee benefits. If your case has merit, Wick & Trautwein, LLC will work diligently in an effort to get you the benefits you are entitled to under the law.

Bad Faith Insurance Claims Under ERISA

Some insurance companies falsely or mistakenly assert that a health insurance claim or other benefit is covered by ERISA, and then wrongfully deny the claim. Because ERISA can potentially take away a bad faith lawsuit, some attorneys may decline to represent you in this situation. Wick & Trautwein, LLC, has the knowledge of ERISA law needed to combat these types of defenses. If another attorney has declined to represent you, call Wick & Trautwein, LLC, at 866-686-1410 to review your options.

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At Wick & Trautwein, LLC, we work aggressively to protect employee benefits. Contact Wick & Trautwein, LLC for a consultation about a denied health care, disability or life insurance claim.